The 13th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium (IVIS 2017) is held in Paris, France from September 20 to 21st, 2017.

Organised by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), the French Building Research Institute is this two-days event fosters dialogue among scientists, academics and professionals from all around the world who are related to the research, development and production of super insulating materials (SIM).

IVIS 2017 will promote the cooperation between manufacturers and researchers.

Accepted papers holding exceptional significance related to IVIS 2017 topics will be issued in “Energy and Buildings”, “Vacuum” and “International Journal of Refrigeration”.

Contributing authors of papers selected by the scientific committee will be asked to submit a full-length manuscript to one of these journals.


Symposium Scope & Topics

IVIS 2017 encourages participation of researchers and suppliers of VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) and APM (Advanced Porous Materials) in building, refrigeration and cryogenic applications at a world-wide scale. Interested participants can submit papers related to the following eight topics:

1: Characterization (microstructure, thermal characteristics, internal pressure, air permeability, gas diffusion, gas adsorption)

2: Heat, Air & Moisture Transfer, from materials to building scale

3: Ageing (film, core material, panel)

4: Envelope - Films

5: Advanced Porous Materials - Core Materials (Fiber Mats, Cellular foams, Aerogel, Porous silica...)

6: Life Cycle Assessment

7: Applications: Building, Refrigeration, Transportation

8: Assessment of Performances & Standardization


See the flyer for more details