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The Scientific and Technical Center for Building  (CSTB) is a public body for innovation  in construction. It focuses on four key activities: research and expertise, assessment, and dissemination of knowledge, all performed to address the challenges of energy transition in the construction sector. Its expertise covers construction products, buildings, and their integration into neighborhoods and cities. 

With its subsidiaries, networks of national, European and international partners, and over 900 employees, the CSTB offers its services  to all stakeholders involved in construction  to improve the quality and safety of buildings.

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Organizing Committee

Daniel Quenard, Chairman
Charline Vignaud, Administration
Salem Farkh
Claude Pompéo
Hafiane Cherkaoui


Local Advisory Committee

Samira Kherrouf, ADEME & GESSI
Alain Koenen, LNE & ACERMI
Bernard Yrieix, EDF & GESSI