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 The Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA International) is a global trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of vacuum insulation panels as well as supply chain. The mission of the association is to act as the global voice of the vacuum insulation panel industry, promote quality and raise awareness of the potential to save space and energy costs and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in a wide range of applications and industries. Created in 2014, VIPA International counts over 15 members from Europe and Asia, from manufacturers to academia, users, supply chain and other companies interested in the VIP market. For more information, please visit http://vipa-international.org

Kuraray Co. Ltd. is the world leader in EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) technology and production, and the world’s only producer of monolayer EVOH film for lamination. EVAL™ EVOH has approximately 10,000 times the oxygen barrier properties of LDPE, and is widely used as a functional barrier in packaging, automotive, agricultural and industrial applications.

Vacuum metallized monolayer EVAL™ EVOH films are combined with other barrier films in multilayer laminate structures, used as the outer shell of VIPs. Adding an EVAL™ EVOH film layer prolongs the VIP’s service life (high gas barrier properties to maintain vacuum) and improve its overall insulation performance (low thermal conductivity).

ACERMI quality certi­cation is granted by the Association pour la CERtific­ation des Matériaux Isolants, a non-pro­t organization (association loi 1901) formed in 1983 by the CSTB and LNE.

The Association ACERMI provides neutral, independent support for insulation product innovation. It tests and validates the specifications and performance of thermal insulation products in the production plant and in the laboratory. The inspections and tests conducted by ACERMI provide designers, specifiers, construction industry professionals, insurers and buyers with valuable assurance regarding the consistency of performance ultimately delivered by insulation products over time, and their application-related characteristics.





Strip's is an innovative privately owned company with a focus on the electronics development and manufacturing since 1995. Our expertise in the fields of electronics, multisensors, smart metering, connectivity devices, IoT and LED technology makes us reliable and flexible EMS and ODM partner. We offer design for manufacturing from idea to the serial production, ensuring the best price performance concept development for each project. With our own R&D, laboratories, advanced technology and lean manufacturing, packaging and logistics, we are capable to provide innovative customised solutions which offer flexibility and competitive advantage. Our innovations and solutions help stakeholders predict, plan, produce and manage sustainable future.




Porextherm is a part of Morgan Advanced Materials – Thermal Ceramics.

Porextherm is a provider for innovative thermal insulation solutions such Vacupor® -  Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP).

Since 1989 we have continuously expanded our core expertise in microporous insulation systems and build a broad portfolio of partly patented products and processes.

Based on our own research and engineering we have developed an impressive variety of insulation products, which are manufactured in our modern state of the art facilities in Kempten, Germany.

Our services and products are available worldwide directly through us or one of our selected and experienced partners.

 For more information, please visit www.porextherm.com



Rexor develop, transform and commercialise, flexible substrates that create innovative solutions.

Rexor is supplying 4 markets : Food packaging, Luxury packaging, Building and Industry and Security (anti-counterfeiting).

Thanks to his expertise in metallization, coating and lamination of plastic films and formulation of specific adhesives, Rexor has developed a range of very high barrier laminates dedicated for the envelop of vacuum insulation panel.

The new-generation of laminates, the Rexotherm® CIV is the result of more than five years of research. The objective of such laminate is to maintain the vacuum inside the panel over very long durations even under very severe conditions (tropical conditions).
Their current structure also provides very good resistance to bending and perforation.




Vaku-Isotherm is a manufacturer of high performance vacuum-insulation-panels. Founded in 2005 we were one of the pioneers in the development of the VIP market. A strong focus on customer needs was the basement of our success. Furthermore, it led to a wide product range under the brand name vakuVIP which delivers innovative and great solutions for different applications. R&D facilities and its dedicated engineers are giving us the possibility to develop new products together with our valued customers. 

All products are developed and made in our plant in Germany/Saxony with the environment in mind. The use of renewable energies and a recycling system is naturally for us. Regular audits from independent organizations certify our high Quality standards. For more information please contact us under:




va-Q-tec is a leading provider of highly efficient tech products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation and cold chain logistics. The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative, thin vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) and phase change materials (“PCMs”) for reliable and energy efficient temperature control and insulation. Furthermore, by optimally integrating VIPs and PCMs, va-Q-tec manufactures passive thermal packaging solutions (containers and boxes), which offer constant temperature conditions for between 24 to over 200 hours without using external energy sources. Within its rental services business, the company has built a global partner network to provide for an extensive fleet of containers and boxes fulfilling highly demanding thermal protection standards in temperature sensitive supply chains.

Besides Healthcare & Logistics as a main market, va-Q-tec addresses additional markets such as Appliances & Food, Technics & Industry, Building and Mobility. The steadily growing company was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Würzburg, Germany.

For more information on va-Q-tec visit www.va-Q-tec.com